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Season of Giving 

Counselling Provides Hope

Reports of how COVID-19 is adversely effecting the mental health  of Canadians are stacking up. At REACH Child and Youth Development Society, we offer counselling to vulnerable populations made even more fragile by the pandemic.

REACH Counsellor Yvonne McKenna says, “Due to COVID-19 there is increased anxiety and stress so counselling sessions are needed more than ever, whether they are done by video or phone. Reach is continuing sessions with caregivers, children and teens as before and remote sessions are possible and effective.” Read the difference it makes in these comments from parents: 

“Sessions over the phone have been priceless and extremely welcomed and comforting to me and especially for my son. It is a bright spot in our week we look forward to. The carefully thought out messages our counsellor has are very relevant and most important info to promote well being. Reach has been absolutely amazing and top notch support for my son and I. I will be forever grateful.”  – Angie F., parent of 14 year old

“Having the video sessions as an option has brought some stability to my child during this period of social distancing. The super helpful calming tips and activities learned during the online sessions have helped ease his anxiety and allowed him to feel like a regular kid again.” – Parent of 7 year old boy

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